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Apley & Straube Partnerschaft Patentanwälte is an intellectual property law firm. Apley & Straube provides high level services covering every aspect of European and German patent, utility model, trademark, and design law. Apley & Straube is located near to the European and German Patent Offices. Thus, even the attendance of rare oral hearings before the European or German Patent Office does not require a particularly large effort. Apley & Straube is a suitable office for prosecuting European patent applications in English. One of the partners of Apley & Straube, Dr. Urs N. Straube, is a born Canadian. In Apley & Straube, all intellectual property cases are completely handled by experienced patent attorneys and not by trainees in order to assure the high quality. Nevertheless, Apley & Straube offers services at reasonable prices.


Drs. Apley and Straube became acquainted one another during their training at the German Patent Office and the German Patent Court. Having finished this training, they founded separate intellectual property law firms. However in 2008, they decided to merge their firms and to found Apley & Straube Partnerschaft Patentanwälte with has bureaux in Hamburg and Southern Germany. Both have at least eight years of experience in intellectual property law. Due to the structure of Apley & Straube are partners, clients are unlikely to experience any staff fluctuation during the course of an application procedure. The areas of expertise of the partners are mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and bioscience. Dr. Urs N. Straube holds a PhD in electronics and Dr. Enno C. Apley holds a PhD in bioscience. These qualifications complement one another perfectly. Dr. Jennat Heidarpoor which is a medical doctor advises Apley & Straube on difficult medical inventions.


The team of Apley and Straube consists of: -patent attorney Dr. Enno C. Apley, -patent attorney Dr. Urs. N. Straube, and -Dr. Jennat Heidarpoor. Drs. Apley and Straube, patent attorneys, are admitted before the following organisations or courts: German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), the German Federal Office for Plant Varieties (Bundessortenamt), the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (HABM) in Alicante (Spain), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva (Switzerland), the German Federal Patent Court (BPatG), and in patent nullity proceedings before the Federal Court of Justice (BGH). Before regional courts and higher regional courts, they are approved as consultants in patent, utility model, design, and trademark litigations. Dr. Straube is additionally admitted before the European Patent Office (EPO).


Registered Office: APLEY & STRAUBE PARTNERSCHAFT - Patentanwälte – Schatzenberg 2 D-77871 Renchen Germany Telephone: +49-7843-993730 Facsimile: +49-7843-994716 Legal form: Partnership Partnerships register 700047 PR-No. 1


Dr. Enno C. Apley and Dr. Urs N. Straube are entitled to represent Apley & Straube Partnerschaft Patentanwälte. Patent attorney Dr. Enno C. Apley and patent attorney Dr. Urs N. Straube are registered in the Federal Republic of Germany. In the Europe Union, Dr. Enno C. Apley and Dr. Urs N. Straube are registered as European trademark and design attorneys before the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market. Besides, Dr. Urs N. Straube is enrolled as European patent attorney before the European Patent Office. As patent attorneys Dr. Enno C. Apley and Dr. Urs N. Straube are members of the Chamber of Patent Attorneys (Patentanwaltskammer). Address: Patentanwaltskammer Tal 29 80331 München Dr. Enno C. Apley and Dr. Urs N. Straube work under the following professional regulatory codes: Federal Regulations of Patent Attorneys Professional Code of Conduct Rules of Conduct of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys Dr. Urs N. Straube is also subject to the Code of Professional Conduct of the Institute of Professional Representatives before the EPO (epi) Disclaimer: Apley & Straube does not assume any responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the information provided on these web pages. Any liability is hereby disclaimed. Links: